Learn the Lingo

A lot different terms are used in the parks, we have put together a list to help you stay informed!

ACROSS THE BOARD- A bet on a horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins, the player collects three ways; if second, two ways; and if third, one way, losing the win and place bets.

AGENT- A person empowered to transact business of a stable owner or jockey. Also, a person empowered to sell or buy horses for an owner or breeder

BLINKERS- Device to limit a horse's vision to prevent him from swerving from objects or other horses on either side of him.

DQ- Disqualified.

EXACTA (or PERFECTA)- A wager in which the first two finishers in a race, in exact order of finish, must be picked.

EXCUSED- Withdrawal from a race (sometimes on a veterinarian's recommendation) with consent of stewards.

MUZZLE- Nose and lips of a horse. Also a guard placed over a horse's mouth to prevent him from biting or eating.

OFF-TRACK BETTING- Wagering on horses at legalized betting offices run usually by the state or the tracks, or, in New York, by independent corporations chartered by the state, with wagers commingled with on-track betting pools.

PADDOCK- Structure or area where horses are saddled and kept before post time.

PHOTO FINISH- A result so close it is necessary to use a finish-line camera to determine order of finish.

PICK SIX (or more)- A type of wager in which the winners of all the included races must be selected.

POST PARADE- Horses going from paddock to starting gate past the stands.

RAIL RUNNER- Horse who prefers to run next to inside rail.

TRIFECTA (or TRIPLE)- A wager picking the first three finishers in exact order.

WASHY- Horse breaking out in nervous sweat before race.

WINNER-TAKES-ALL- Winner receiving all the purse or stakes.